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22 Sin Ming Lane, #01-74 / 75,
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements to rent a car from Focus Rentals?

You need to meet these requirements:  

  • Singapore Citizen / PR 
  • At least 21 years of age 
  • Driver’s license of at least 1 year 
What documents do I need to prepare to rent a car from Focus Rentals?

Please bring along the following: 

  • NRIC 
  • Driving License 
  • Valid PDVL/TDVL 
  • Deposit
What are the opening hours of Focus Rentals?

Monday to Friday (8:30AM – 5:30PM)  

Saturdays (10:00AM – 2:00PM) 

Sundays & Public Holidays (Closed)


28 Sin Ming Lane, #01-135/136 

Midview City Singapore 573972 

Where can I book an appointment at Focus Rentals?

1. To schedule an appointment, please reach out to us at +65 9821 2730 

2. You can come down to our office and our Sales Personnel will be able to assist you. 


28 Sin Ming Lane, #01-135/136 

Midview City Singapore 573972 

When do I start paying for my rental?

Rental charges start on the SECOND day after you collect the car. 

Will there be a customer service contact after I rent a car from Focus Rentals?

At Focus Rentals, we offer dedicated relationship managers to assist our driver-partners with any queries they may have. 


Can I add a relief driver?

Yes you can. Just simply contact your Relationship Manager to add your relief driver. 

Can I drive my rented car into Malaysia?

As all Focus Rentals cars are insured up to the boarders of West Malaysia. 

What happens if my rental car is involved in a car accident?

In such situations, please be rest assured we are here to support you. For 24-hrs roadside assistance & emergencies, please call: + 65 9887 5600 


What happens when I miss a payment?

The rental and all other related charges are deducted from your registered bank account via GIRO daily. 

An unsuccessful deduction due to insufficient funds may result in restrictions on using your vehicle. Repeated unsuccessful deductions may result in repossession of your vehicle which will incur further administrative and towing charges. 

Please ensure sufficient funds to cover the daily deductions to avoid disruptions. 

What if I terminate my contract prematurely?

Termination charges are as follows: 

  1. Forfeiture of deposit. 
  2. Administrative charges. 
  3. Breach of contract fee 
  4. Any outstanding rental charges & additional damages on the vehicle